Family Health




As a busy mom of two, Juliette understands the challenges of getting a healthy meal on the table that the entire family will enjoy! Juliette has practical and delicious ways to help families!  



Nutrition House Calls



Prenatal Nutrition

What you eat before and during pregnancy can influence the health of your baby for years to come!   Learn how to nourish your body to support a healthy pregnancy.  The Prenatal Nutrition Package Includes:


  • 3-90 minute House Calls

  • 30 Minute Partner (Dad) nutrition consult

  • Customized meal plans for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters

  • Grocery and Snack Guide

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Kitchen Organization Toolkit

  • Prenatal Cookbook

  • Text and email support


Have a team, school, church or mom’s group that shares an interest for family health and wellness?   Schedule a fun and interactive nutrition workshop.


Topics include:
  • Getting ‘REAL'

    • A guide to cutting out processed foods

  • Sports Nutrition

    • Fueling Greatness on and off the field

  • Veggie 101 Workshop    

    • Getting kids to gobble of the good stuff

  • Prenatal Nutrition

    • Balanced Beginnings for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby


In-person Workshops