"In an age of excessive information, Juliette is the expert you want to guide you on your personal journey of dietary health and wellness. It has been an empowering experience to work with Juliette.  I have more energy, more understanding and more confidence thanks to her expertise and great personality." - Nicole H.      

"I met with Juliette for a consultation and when I left, I had a very clear and doable plan for how I could improve my nutrition. She helped me solve a problem I had been struggling with for years, and I have never felt better. I especially appreciate her vast knowledge of nutritional research and her ability to recognize that each person's needs are unique. I highly recommend her services!" -P.G.

"I'm on day four of making your recipes from the new book and love them all.  Juliette has such a talent for combining flavors/spices with different healthy foods.  Some combinations I would never think of myself, but are amazingly good. And her time saving tips have been very helpful. My body feels really satisfied and nourished after each meal." -Tricia H. 

"Meal planning has saved my family from unhealthy, quick-service food.  When I went back to work full-time, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make dinner every night.   Juliette taught me how to meal plan so I only have to shop once per week, do most of the prep work on one day, and still provide nutritious and delicious meals for my family throughout the week.  Her recipes are loved by my entire family, even my 4 year old!  Her advice and suggestions have saved us!" -Jenny C. 

"Juliette has a strong understanding of nutritional science and how it applies to health and athletic performance.  As an endurance athlete who travels often for work I was struggling to keep a healthy diet while traveling and training.  Juliette worked with me to understand my health and athletic goals as well as my day to day life to create a plan that fit with my tastes and lifestyle.  By fueling my day to day life and training with targeted nutrition I have seen gains not only in my athletic performance, but also in my general health. After working with Juliette for a few months I participated in an iron distance triathlon.  I know that making the changes suggested by Juliette for training as well as race day nutrition contributed to improved performance.  I took over an hour off of my previous iron distance triathlon time, finished 2nd in my age group, and had no GI issues during or after the race."  -JAC


“Juliette is the real deal!  She helped me navigate the barrage of nutritional information bombarding my clients, myself, my 17 yr old son.  She gave me real life, applicable information that slid easily into my grocery decisions, snacks, and meal preparation.  All with professionalism, passion, support and motivational tools to get me really excited about eating even better.” -D.B.

“Juliette is a wealth of knowledge who humbly shares it with enthusiasm and warmth. After working with her I learned information that helped me gain confidence with my first pregnancy.  I would recommend her to all pregnant women! -E.S.

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